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The Sutaruk Foundation, established in 2003, honors the memory of Alex Sutaruk and his parents, John and Catherine Sutar, and their commitment to self-reliance, independence, hope for the future, and education. The foundation invests in programs that fulfill these qualities in four specific categories: environmental preservation, university scholarship for deserving students, improvement in quality of life for senior citizens and the needy, and a stronger Ukraine.


Suraruk Scholarship Program was established in a framework of U.S.-Ukraine Foundation to improve the educational level and national, civil and cultural awareness of Ukrainian students form Dubno (Rivne region), Netishyn and Slavuta (Khmelnytskyi region).

U.S.-Ukraine Foundation is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization established in 1991 to support democracy, a free market and human rights for Ukraine. The Foundation creates and sustains an exchange of information between the United States and Ukraine in order to build peace and prosperity.  The Foundation is dedicated to strengthening U.S.-Ukraine relations and therefore the mutual objectives of both nations, advancing Ukraine as a cornerstone of regional stability and as a full partner in the community of nations.  

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Selection criteria:
Applicants for the scholarship must meet the following requirements:
  • Be a citizens of Ukraine
  • was born in Dubno, Netishin or Slavuta or live there for at least 4 years
  • Be pupils of 11 classes of secondary schools in the cities of Dubno, Netishin or Slavuta at the time of application for a scholarship
  • Study English at least 4 years in school (knowledge of English  of candidates who have studied English privately  should correspond with the level of knowledge a student of 11 class of high school)
  • To be admitted to higher education in Ukraine in 2019 academic year at the time of determining the final results of the competition for a scholarship.


Selection of applicants for the scholarship consists of 3 stages:

 І stage – till March, 06,  2019  Submission of application forms

At this stage, students from 11 classes of schools of Dubno, Netishin and Slavuta may


Deadline for submission of application form - March, 6, 2019.

Representatives of the Foundation's Selection Committee will determined the finalists of first stage based on their compliance with Selection Criteria. Finalists of first stag will be informed about selection results and invited to participate in the second stage.

 ІІ stage – March, 12-16, 2019   Interviews with representatives of the Fund

Finalists of the previous stage will be invited to interviews with representatives of Foundation, which will take place in Dubno, Netishin  and Slavuta (March12-16), 2019. Finalists of the second stage will be determined by results of the interview.

 ІІІ stage – till September, 30, 2019   Determination of finalists

To receive a Sutaruk Scholarship finalists of the previous stage have confirmed the results of admission to Higher education. They must send following documents  to "US-Ukraine" Foundation's representatives:
 A copy of Certificate of graduation with Annex (grades);
2. The original of documents confirming the admission to Higher education  and conditions (paid or covered by State Budjet) . This document gives the dean of the Faculty;
3. In the case of paid education - a copy of the Agreement or receipt of payment.

The above two (budget) or three (contract) documents should be not later than September
30, 201
9 sent to the address specified here.

Students who already received a Sutaruk Scholarship in past years may also apply for 2019-2020 Sutaruk Scholarships, demonstrating a successes over the past academic year and confirming transfer to the next course.
They must send following documents  to "US-Ukraine" Foundation's representatives:
1.  A copy of the
Academic records Book (or other document which shows current progress) for the entire period of study;
2. The original
of Certificate confirming the transfer of the next course and learning conditions (budget or contract). Obtained in the dean of the Faculty;
3. In the case of paid education - a copy of the Agreement or
Receipt of payment.

The above two (budget) or three (contract) documents should be not later than September
30, 201
9 sent to the address specified here.

The final decision about the 2019-2020 Sutaruk Scholarship will accepted by representatives of the Sutaruk Family Foundation and "US-Ukraine" Foundation in Washington, DC. Fellows will be notified of the results after March, 2020.



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